During a race this weekend my 98 YZ cut off an hour into the race. :) After sitting and kicking for 45 minutes it fired up and ran for about 10 minutes, then stalled again, this time it fired only after 5 or so minutes of kicking. Made it back (over an hour late) to the truck and on to the house.

After washing and drying the Beast I began to investigate the problem. It fired up the first kick and idled fine, then cut off after two or three minutes, but the instant just before it died I heard a "sizzling" sound. I can't pinpoint the source because it doesn't last long enough. I know (I think)

That it is a shorted wire or a broken component in the electrical system, but I don't know where to start.

I have cut some of the plug wire (1/4" or so) to clean-up the end, but it didn't help. I have new plugs on the way, but I don't think the problem is plug related.

Any insight into a cure would be very helpfull.



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