Anyone using Cycra handguards?

I just ordered these things and have a couple of Q's about them?

1) Who's using Cycra pro bend handguards and what do you think of them.

2) Anyone using them with the IMS tank and Pro Taper bars. Are they clearing the tank? I had to take my Accerbis off because the bar mount would dig into the tank before full turning radius was hit(this was with Renthal bars). Now I am tired of replacing levers all the time. And my buddies are tired of waiting for me to replace them.


Dougie, '99 WR400

Mods: YZ timing, Race Tech Suspension, FMF PC IV, FMF Hi FLo Moto, YZ seat, IMS 3.3 tank, One Industries Graphics, Renthal bars, 14/52 gearing.

1) I really like them.

2) Using with the Clark tank and Pro Taper bars and they clear the tank just fine. Definately minimizes lever bending but not 100% in every situation.

I have DeMarini bars, Cycra guards and IMS tank. I went with IMS because I saw a YZ400 w/ Acerbis that fit horribly...

The guards clear everything and fit really well. Mounting system is well thought out. Only potential snafu is brake line. I like my levers positioned down and my brake line is subject to being squished between guard and fork tube in bad crashes. But most folks' lever position will probably leave brake line ABOVE guard...

SRC makes guards similar to Cycra that attach to triple clamps instead of bars.

I did bend guards slightly but it was a hard impact and alum. frames bent back easily in vise.

What about PTs?

bar clamp should fit around PT

bar-end fitting may be too small to properly hold to ID of Pro Tapers.

But given popularity of Pro Tapers I'm sure Cycra has solutions to these issues. They were very helpful to me over the phone, incidentally.

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Originally posted by Dougie:

I just ordered these things and have a couple of Q's about them?

I used Cycras and am unhappy. The right one bent badly 2 weeks ago after a minor drop (albeit one that landed on a rock) at almost zero miles an hour. Then, last week after a lowside on a hardpack trail I SNAPPED the mounting hardware on the left one.

No more Cycra for me.


Thanks for bringing this up again. I just put these on this weekend and I had a hell of a time.

But after some shoving and pulling and wrenching and cursing, I got them on and they look real good. But I can definately see how they would bend or snap at the pivot real easy. I'm sure I'll find out real soon.

I did have to go back to a plastic throttle tube. I tried to drill and dremel out the aluminum one but I just couldn't get it to work. So I had to cut the end off a plastic tube and slide it in an 1/8th of an inch from the end so it would snap back.


Dougie, '99 WR400 with a lot of dumb, stupid, here take my money, I have to have them but they don't make me a better rider extra mods.

(Except the dampner :))

Too late to help you now Dougie but on my bike I just pulled the guard out a tad before tightening the bar-end mount to allow smooth throttle operation.

I cut my tube end open, but not completely, and I’ve discovered that the grip end is what impedes throttle action. If you shave the grip end to clear the guard throughout the throttle’s stroke the throttle will still work smoothly, even after repeated crashes and drops. I was wary of this issue at first but have never had any throttle stiction.

I also went with the triple clamp mounting system they make so now nothing can make my guards rotate out of postion. I went with these mainly because the bar clamp wouldn’t fit my Twinwalls but I also like my levers down and the Pro-Bends were in danger of squishing my brake line against the fork tube in a bad get-off.

I broke the same screw that gofast did but it was a fairly violent flop that did it. Cycra sent me another one for no charge. I don’t know how E-Lines mount but I don’t see how you could get a much thicker screw in there…

I have snapped a set of DeMarinis, cracked my stock top clamp and bent my Scott’s bar clamp with no appreciable damage other than one screw and slight bends to my Cycras.

Why were they so hard for you to mount? Clearance with crossbar or controls? Mine bolted up perfectly on the three sets of bars I tried them on, but wouldn’t fit at all on the fourth (Twinwalls) so I went for the clamp mount system.

I also heard that the Pro Taper mounts that Cycra sells will not fit Tag fat bars or Maguras (and I know they don’t fit Twinwalls)…

…if anyone was wondering.


you SNAPPED a set of DeMarinis!?!? You musta hit hard. Singlewall? How does the Scotts Damper fit on them??


'00 WR, YZ modified and dodgin' Roadrunners and P-dogs. .all with no damper!

Yep. A set of DoubleWalls. Like a twig. Can you tell how impressed I am with my crashing ability?

It was not a hard fall and, curiously enough, I don’t think they would have broken had I not had handguards installed. I got spit off to the left, the bike just sort of flopped over and the bars broke right at the bar clamp (of course). They broke directly backwards, just like if the bike had hit a pole. I think maybe the extra rigidity of the guards focused the force of the impact on the area inboard of the guards. So a shorter length of bar had to withstand the full impact. Visualize a YZ standing on its nose and flopping over on its side. Once steering stop makes contact all the momentum of flopping YZ is borne by the bars, especially with handguards protruding. Snap.

Too bad too, they were good (and expensive) bars. That stuff about reducing vibration is not just marketing hyperbole. I don’t even remember where I bought them or I would try and see if DeMarini would perhaps replace them. The Scott’s clearance issue was what made the choice easy, the DoubleWalls have a bowed crossbar which I just flipped over. They are standard diameter and so will fit in stock bar clamps.

The pictures I took of my Scott’s are hopelessly fuzzy, maybe I can borrow a digicam or something so you can see how they fit under a crossbar when turned around.

Dougie, I have found the cure for the crappy bar mounts that come with the pro bends. I have snapped the small piece of aluminum that connects the guard to the bar clamp. After welding it back together found it not to be as strong. What I found was Moose sells a Pro-Taper hand guard extention that fits the Cycra's Pro bends perfectly. The extentions allow more room for controls and are much beefier than the stock Cycra mounting hardware :) There is no way for the clamps to interfere with the gas tank due to their design. Ypu should be able to find them in any Moose off road catalog. Good Luck

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