Moto JackRack on Rough Roads?

To those who own Moto Jack Racks - how does the rack perform on bumpy roads? Does the bike move around quite a bit, or is it very stable? I just bought one, and I am planning on taking my WR on a dirt road with a bit of washboard in some spots.

The bike is held to the rack by the footpegs and is pretty secure. There is some flex in my hitch (a custom job) so I don't know how much movement is normal and how much is my hitch.

The bike seems to rock back and forth a little but not much. On a more sturdy hitch I'll bet it's more solid.

Due to the way the MJR is designed I'd say some motion is normal.

I'd slow down if the road gets too rough.

It would be prudent to take it easy. It is strong, but the bike will rock on bumps. Why ruin a days fun, go slow.

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