A couple quick reports on '06 mods

Quiet exhaust: I need to have a s/a silencer that also meets the 96 dB limit for several of the off road races here but I was worried about gutting the low end power of the bike like I have heard some of the quiet silencers tend to do. I purchased the Leo Vince X3 titanium header and silencer and am very impressed with the build quality and fit. It came with a removeable screen-type s/a and three different inserts. I installed the quiet insert and screen and the bike has a VERY nice tone to it, is not loud but when you get on it hard there is no doubt that you are on a 450 motocrosser. I can tell no difference in low end power from the stock system and yesterday I really put the low end to the test on some very steep, rutted, and twisty hills through the woods...the bike just grunts and goes! I'd give this exhaust a 10 of 10 on both quality and performance.

Zip Ty carb mod: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: All I can say is 'wow'. Instant, crisp, clean throttle response from top to bottom. I almost had to try to make it flame out in the tight gnarly stuff that required lots of throttle work for clearing logs, ledges, etc.

Pro Taper Pastrana FMX bend bars I'm 6' 2" and the stock setup is way too low for me to stand comfortably. The Pastrana FMX bend bars have a very high rise to them (bordering on an ATV bar) and they also have a pretty good sweep to them which allowed me to stand comfortably on tight, steep trails and have great control of the bike. I would highly recommend these bars if you are over 6' and need to stand alot.

So there you go for whatever it's worth...just thought I'd share with you guys. :busted:

ZipTy mod is the best bang for the buck I have spent in years on these darn bikes .....hands down.:thumbsup:

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