Used 650R reliability

I'm interested in buying a 650R to motard on the street, but I'm wary of used dirtbikes. I know the bike will last forever if treated well, but used is always a gamble.

What is your experience buying this bike used?

Compared to what's out there the bike is bullet proof. You can find lot's of 650Rs on the used market that were purchased by novice riders who realized it was too much bike for them or old timers who stuck DS kits on them and towed them around on the back of their motorhomes. I'd be real weary of buying used 450 fourstrokes, but I'd have no problem buying a 650R. Even if the bike is well used, as long as the previous owner wasn't a squid and parked it outside and never changed the oil, etc. you can feel safe buying this bike.

I had an 03 that I raced to dogshit out of for 3 years and I sold it to a friend from my club. He knew full well what he was getting and the bike is living a happy retirement in Az.

I bought my 05 from a guy in who bought the bike new in 05 along with a blaster quad. He was one of those types who wanted to buy the biggest baddest thing he could get. The bike sat in a storage unit for a couple years before his wife made him get rid of it. When I went to look at the bike it had the nipples on the tires, no marks on the frame rails, no rub marks on the cases, etc.

However, the thing about buying used from novices is even if the bike looks unused/unabused, you still need to go through it. This guy did dumbshit stuff like removing the radiator overflow tank and throwing it away. He also threw away the stock flame screen for the air filter but kept the stock air filter in place. Lots of little annoying things but all in all a good find. There's lots of them out there.

I agree with thunderchicken.

Very few riders can ride these 650r's hard enuff to stress the motor.

You might wanna watch for bent parts instead of worn out motors.

I D/S my pig,bouncing down old gravel roads at 60-70 mph and the engine

is begging me to open her up. Ya gotta be careful of the enchantment

of the pig.:thumbsup: She can get you in trouble:eek:

I wish I was a good enuff rider to wear out a 650r engine:thumbsup:


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