Low RPM Problems 2007 yz450f

I have a 2007 YZ450F and I have been riding it for about 4 months. When the bike is in very low RPM, like when I take off from a stop, the bike is very chattery (if that is a word):thumbsup: . And it also bogs down really bad at low RPM. I rode my brothers CRF450 and it did not have this problem. Do you have any suggestions.

By the way, I have a a White Bros XCR exhaust and the bike is jetted 168 and 45. Besides that the bike is stock. I do routine maintenance. I usually ride in the low desert in California around 3000'.

get a flywheel weight, keeps the motor turning at slow speeds. Got mine from North County Yamaha was around $100.00

can you tell if the chain is making that chattering sound?

its not the chain i have the same problem with my 07. I never really ride my bike below 4000 rpms so i dont really notice it, but if i am puting around i notice.

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