Maier Rear Fender

I going to replace the rear fender on my XR650L with a Maier MX style. The question I have is in regards to color, they have Red, and Fighting Red listed on the website.

Does anyone know which color matches the stock Honda or Clarke tank?



i was told by my honda dealer to stay away from maier plastics. he said it is low quality. the color is "XR RED". i went with UFO and Accerbis on mine.

Not sure which site you're ordering from; but, on the Dennis Kirk web site, there is a note that the Red matches Honda OEM Red from '88 - '89. Not sure what the "Fighting Red" matches. I had a Maier on the back of my '06 XRL and it was slightly darker than the OEM Honda red. There are still some pictures in "My Garage" of the Maier mounted on my bike.

I got the Acerbis front fender, Dual colors, red front and the rest is white...

Fighting red is darker and matches recent Honda XR650L reds pretty close.

The maier red is more orange red and matches earlier (per 90s) Hondas.

I had this fender, it is OK for light duty. If you go in the dirt, it will break.


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