do the wheels interchange?


I was wondering if the wheels off of a wr426f will fit onto a wr400f?

I want to get a set of superTT wheels.

I don't know what SuperTT wheels are (motard ??) but depending on the year I'm pretty sure the wheels are interchangable. I bought a set of motard wheels for my 99 WR, they will not fit a 98 cos the rear spindle went from 20mm to 22mm. Think there was a change at the front for 2002 as well. Cheers Shane.

specifically, the wheels for sale are made for a yz/wr426, and my bike is a '98 wr400f.

doesn't sound like they will fit?!?


The front will fit, the rear will not. I have a perfect set of '98 wheels if anyone is interested.

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