New old bike, advice and tips

Hello all,

Finally got a bike of my own (after a 20 years wait, but thats a whole other story) and now it is time to fix/tune it up and modify it.

It is a 99 400f. Owned by two different people. First guy did trail riding (reason for putting bar guards), too much bike, then second guy rode it just for a season, but rarely. Then my wife's uncle got it, and from there I was the one who rode it, then decided to buy it (he has enough with 10 other bikes :thumbsup:) Anyways. I have read the sticky about these bikes up and down, trying to inform myself as much as I can, but would like your tips and advices.

The last two years it was ridden about two to three times a year, during the summer. The plastics have bend marks in it, the silencer has a dent under it (more towards the inside, not sure if that is normal, don't see how you could do that if it isn't normal). I know how to start it well, knock on wood, haven't had problems with it. Clutch seems fine too, but I'm not by far a pro rider.

So what would you recommend I do, mechanics wise to get this bike in tip top shape. I was going to drop it off to the local dealership but I bought a manual and will do most of the stuff myself (probably not the valves, never done that). Redo top end? I want to be informed so that I would somewhat know if the dealership is ripping me off.

I wouldn't mind a new exhaust but call me crazy but I love the look of the stock silencer. Would aftermarket headers work well with stock silencer or is it just wasting money but not switching to a better silencer?

I'm ordering brand new plastics, with graphics. Which handlebars seem to work well on this bike, renthal, taper? or is it just personal preference. Got a black seat cover for it too. I am looking at buying the Boysen quick shot. I read that the Ice coolant is good to use on this bike.

Wow, I just had verbal diareha, sorry.

So mechanics, maintenance, mods, and other input?

Thanks a lot


Edit: I am thinking of putting white plastics on the bike because I wanted to put the Doug Henry kit on it, but it is not available for this bike. I'm thinking white fenders, with different graphics, anyways, I photoshopped it out to see what it would look like.




I just purchased myself a 99 YZ400F and I did a lot of services right as I acquired my bike. I had to replace all the water pump seals (as well as the bearing and the impellor shaft). Radiator fluid was leaking out of the seap hole on the bottom of the water pump.

After that was completed, I had the Carb cleaned and a bunch of parts replaced like the jet, the bowl gasket and the bowl float.

I thought everything was working right until I blew a fork seal and found a local suspension guy to rebuilt my front forks and replace the rear spring at the same time.

I know that these older bikes have issues with over heating so I would make sure to change the radiator fliud to either water wetter or engine ice. I made the change and my 400F has yet to overheat or boil out its fluid. if you live in an area where it get may need to change the radiator fluid before the summer and during the winter so the fluid does not freeze (since engine ice does not have anti-freeze in it).

I would also make sure to order lots of extra parts because lots of Yamaha dealers dont regularly carry 400F parts.

I hope this helps!!!

PM me if you have any other questions!!!

Patrick M.

White plastics ARE available from Acerbis and UFO. The Henry kit, however, is not...but back in the day, One industries made a red graphics kit for the YZFs. I have one for my white WR444 (see my garage), but am waiting to powdercoat the frame gray before I put it on. My local dealer used to have more collecting dust on the shelf. If you want, I will go check for you...

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