best gear combo for so-cal tracks

Simple ? is a 51t rear to big for so-cal high desert tracks? im having problems clearing jumps after turns due to the lower gear i have to run during the corner, as well as having to shift right before i hit the rev limiter. should i bump it up to a 51 or 50.. i ride racetown 395 and comp edge. bike is a stock 07 450

definately put the 50 on ,51 is way wrong for the dez!

I ride Comp Edge, 395, and Adelanto Motorplex. I found a 51 tooth on my track wheels is perfect for those tracks. I have no problem clearing any of the jumps except the Big Triple stepup at 395. But that is not because of gearing it is because a lack of nuts! Out in the Desert I run either 49 or 50.

I'd go to a 50. You shouldn't really have any problems with comp edge, there is plenty of room in front of the jumps to get the speed, plus they have nice big turns so you can carry your speed out of the corners. Racetown on the other hand does have jumps that are too close to the turns, and their corners, berms don't allow the average rider enough room to keep alot of their speed. That combined with the fact that half of their jump lips are not steap enough makes for a difficult ride.

P.S. I love that step up at racetown, plenty of room to get speed, I actually have to cruze a little otherwise :thumbsup:

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