BEST MEAT FOR A DRY RUT<:<:<:<:<:<:<:<:<:<:<

Ok boys, what tires do you guys like? I have just got one from Baja Designs (Dunlop D739) Jeremry said it was a good desert tire...Sh%T...that's what came with the bike,I did go up in size, a 120 instead of the stocker 110. I guess I should of looked at my bike before I ordered it...DOH!!! I got about 450 miles out of what type of mileage you guys getting?

Hey kermit - see the topic

Topic: What kind of tires do you like?

There's a whole bunch of comments on tires.

I ride in New Mexico. Sand, dust, rocks and lots of whoops. I changed from the stock tire to the Dunlop 756. I LOVE this tire!! It carves soooo nicely in the sand. I can ONLY imagine how much easier it would be to ride with a damper!


'00 WR, YZ modified and dodgin' Roadrunners and P-dogs. .all with no damper!

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