Tire Pressure for Dual Sport Tires?

I have raced MX for years and always used 14 PSI in my knobbies. What do people run on dual sport tires? The bike I bought used is a 2004 WR 450 with SCORPION PIRELLI TIRES-80ROAD/20DIRT. They say max load at 45 PSI. I am starting with country asphalt back roads with only 20 % of the time on trail and dirt roads.

It is a blast to ride, power like my YZ but 100% traction on the road. Wheelies whenever you want them at any speed. It has most mods like a YZ CAM, YZ throttle, FMF Q4 muffler. I am officially hooked, just need to get the rain to stop!



The short of it is 10-15 on the dirt depending on conditions and beadlocks. On the pavement you can do the same but your knobbies may wear really weird. My brother ran 14 lbs on the pavement for a few hundred miles and his front tire wore crazy bad. The shop told him to run the recomended 35 psi to fix this but when we went off road last week his bike handled like crap. Probably the best solution is to go back and forth with the help of one of those co2 pumps.

Good luck!

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