Do you guys think it would be a good deal to trade an 06 wr 250 for an 04 yzf 450. The 450 has 10 hours (claimed) and looks good. My wr has been beaten up and is still looking for more (probably 50 hours). I am 5'10'' 230lbs and I am looking for some more low end grunt.

yes yes do it do it:thumbsup:

for your weight you will be much happier......and they are bulletproof -

Thats probally a fair trade $$ wise. you may be loosing a little cash on the deal, maybe ask him to give you a few hundo?

Generally speaking I am looking for more low end from my 250F, how is the four speed 450 in the woods, if I got some extra money from him I could buy a FWW and re-gear it, but I want a woods wepon. Should I modify the 250 (reliability issues?) or trade for a 450?????

I am looking for more low end from my 250F

I think you answered your own question .

You also have to consider the improved suspension on the 06' vs. the 04' . IMHO , can you really use the extra power of the 450 in the woods ? Are you a point and shoot type of rider ... then maybe the 450 is the ticket .

My advise is to be happy with what you have . The grass may look greener in the other pasture , experience tells me that usually isn't so . :thumbsup:

You can spend $1500-$2000 on a big bore kit, a set of cams, and a pipe and silencer for the WR.

I have an '04 450F (30 h, purchased NOS last fall) and I'd probably make that swap in order to get the '06 suspension. You will want to gear down and get a FWW on the 450F for woods riding, IMHO.

I've been thinking about looking for a used WR to use for the woods and a swap like that would work well for me. After I did the swap, then I'd probably start hunting for a NOS or excellent used '06-'07 450F for the track. :thumbsup:

The '06 WR's have the suspension from the '05 YZF's, not the '06. Beginning in '04, they were a year behind every year. In fact, in '00, the YZF became a 426, and the WR stayed at 400.

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