Stator replacement for a light kit?

i wanta put a baja designes light kit on my 2007 XR650R but ive been told the stock stator cant handle that. Im thinking order a new 1 from ricky stator? $150 then another $500 for the light kit! Any cheeper options? to get a plate here in CT i need everything, signals, high/low beam, horn, tail light.

anybody have pics of there XR's with the electrosport or baja designes kit on it?


Here is my 97 XR600R w/BD kit. I have stock stator, and everything works fine. If I were to upgrade lights, I would add the Ricky Stator assy (I will eventually get one anyway



my 650 r works fine with a BD ligt kit and is street legal and passed inspection. i even ride it at night... however someone told me in PA that my brake light was barely visible when engaged on a group ride last week. I'll just rewind the stator

You should be ok with the stock stator. You just have to use a standard wattage headlight bulb. The stock stator should be good for about 70 or so watts. If you want more light then you need a high output stator.

well maby ill try the stock stator to start. Ill proble do LED brake light and turn signals to so that may help

Late reply,

I put a BD QR kit on my 650R a little while back. Had many issue with the lighting/charging. Did some research here and like you was hesitant to spend the extra $... put the ricky stator on and it now works like a champ.

Good luck

Stock stator has an 80 watt out put, RS stator has either 2-100watt leads or they can be tied together for 1-200watt out put lead. BD will rewrapp the stock stator for you either with 2-125 watt leads or a single 200+watt lead which is used in the our race bikes to power up the HID BD lights. There are several post regarding wrapping the stator yourself.

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