Black plastics

Anyone heard of know of a place where you can buy black plastics for our wr's? I think she'd look sick dressed in black! :)

you can get a tank from Clarke...I got a white stock YZ tank for my bike and eventually I'm going to take her back to the white/red 80's look. The tank is great quality and fit.

link to YZ tank from Clarke

Acerbis has black plastics

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I asked this question the other day, specifically about the radiator shrouds. It's easy to get black fenders. Acerbis makes black radiator shrouds for the YZ250 2-stroke, but will it fit on a WR? They don't list any black ones that fit the 4-strokes.

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I've been searching for black plastic too. Acerbis used to make the black kits, but no more. They do make fenders in black (YZ rear), but not black shrouds or rear covers. UFO doesn't either.

If you find black plastic, please let me know. Maybe if enough of us got together, Acerbis would make a run of black plastic. Hell, I'd take two kits...


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