Aussie dirtbikers

G'day fellow TT mates,

I have a question for the Australian WR4 owners. Does anyone know if "The Blue Light Rally" is still running? A couple of years ago an article on the event was printed in an issue of ADB. I think it was run and organised by the Victorian police and was staged in the Gippsland region. Gary Martin, have you heard about it? Can anyone answer my question? Thought it was worth a query.


Simon :).

Yep, the Blue Light is still running. I think it's on the 13th of November this year, last year there was about 800 entries, I had a blast!

Check out the links page and click on the 'eatmydirt' link for all the details.

Hey Splint,

thanks alot. I have now emailed the pdf registration file to my riding mates. Are there any other forum members going on this ride? From what you have said and from all other reports, the event sounds awsome. I wonder if there are enough of us going, we could enter as Team Just an idea.


Don't worry if it's anything like last years event it will be a sea of blue, apart from the xr1100!

Yep, Grum, still going - but didnt know how to get to the details until splint wrote back to you!!


G'day Gary, haven't heard from you in a while. It's great to see that you're going the Blue Light as well. Maybe we could meet up on the day and introduce ourselves, share a few stories and have a post-ride beer. With all this talk about Moab from the likes of Kevin and Mitch etc., I am keen to ride with a large group again. I mainly ride with a small party of 3-4 but a couple of hundred riders sounds awsome :) .This weekend I am riding through the back hills behind Lorne. The plan is to make it to Wye River, pull into the pub for a counter meal and then head back home. Great country, with a few creek crossings, and alot of hill climbing.

Keep it on the back wheel and I'll catch you in NooJee Nov 19.


I'd like to meet up with you blokes at the blue light, I'll be on the blue bike, only joking, like youselves I usually ride with about four or five blokes so it's a bit of a shock when you see 800 bikes in one spot but theres a good commoradery between all the riders, basiclly everyone is there to have fun and providing I get over one hurdle I'll be there for sure.

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