Hey Aussie Riders in Victoria

I guess you can tell that I am not in Moab.

I was unfortunately stuck on the Coco's Islands for a week and was unable to get home in time to make the flight. There will be alot of pissed people ear;y next week. Although, I did mention it to Bryan and some of the other key persons. I am extremely dissapointed and need to work out some of my frustrations

In any case, are any of you interested in going to the Barrabool MX Track neart Geelong this sunday?


Hey Mitch, how are you going?, I guess you are a bit dissapointed not being able to make it to Moab, but I think that everyone would agree that work comes first or we wouldn't be riding at all. My brother picks up his brand new RMX tonight we were planning a shake down ride for tomorrow if all goes well you could count me in for Sunday as well, same goes for you as well, if you fancy comming up my way tomorrow you're more than welcome.

Hey SPlint,

YES, I am extremely bummed. I was planning this for about 6 months and yes I am extremely upset. BUT, I could not do anything even if I wanted. There are only 2 flights a week and I missed the first. If I paid $15,000, I could have got a flight.

Meet me at my place same time on Sunday. Bring your brother also.


8:00 am, your place, no worries!

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