WR426F Lowering

Anyone have any knowledge on lowering the Wr426? I guess my legs are just a little to short :-)

I have a 2000 WR400 and short legs as well. I contacted Factory Connection and they hooked my bike up. Lowered the suspension 1" (swapped out the rear shock spring as well as the front fork springs and did some revalving). Very glad I did it and would highly recommend it.

This method allows you to retain the stock parts and raise the 426 when and if its time to sell or trade in.

I believe you can also lower by having your subframe shortened but I do not know who has tried this method. Let me now how things work out for you or if you need info on how to get in touch with Factory Connection. If you go the subframe route I would be real curious to see how that comes together. -Good Luck.

i lowered my subframe but i can't remember the name of the post! i did it last spring time.

try a few words in search such as seat lowered, subframe lowered etc.


My bike is lowered about 2 inches. What year is your wr? Mine is a 01. Where in CO are you? John Olds from Rocky Mountain Cycles in the Springs did mine. The old owner was about 5'7 and I am 6'. I wan't to put the susp back to stock but I am short on cash right now. Want to trade shocks.


I'm vertically challenged as well, 5'9" at best. I plan on just shaving off some of the seat foam and tacking the cover back on. Not done yet but it has to be better than it is now, and I don't lose any suspension travel.

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