John from Granite Bay

Hey guys dont forget us Sacramento, Roseville, Grantite Bay guys. If you are there for a few days at Thanksgiving, count me in. Not the turkey day itself but before or after I am there. Keep me up to date.

Mike in Roseville


98WR White Bros E Series stock head pipe, IMS Tank/seat Pro Tapers Works Connection guards. Stock timing

Mike and John never leave home with out you guys we will put something togehter and post,also we will have to go on a ride before then.I will be going to vegas for the indoor super cross and then to uath for sand ridding i will be back 10-23-00 we will do a sat. ride 1st nov? aera let me know.


Mike 10-29-00 i think the enduro is going there [elkins flat] so we could do it the week after if you guys want to? WE WILL GET BIG DAN he knows the area real good.


count me in. We love to try Elkins flat that I missed the last time. let me know


I am in. Hopefully no snow.


Howard, Monty and Mike,

Sorry I missed you in Moab Howard. Unfortunately, last week I was "Bikeless in Texas" (or as a Texan might say "A cowboy with no cattle") and couldn't go to Moab. Both November rides sound great, although I'll have to be here for T-day festivities. I'll check in with y'all for details. Hey

Monty, I'm all "dualed up" and ready for a dance. Thanks for the help buddy.

Wright on john we will put a ride on end of oct. or 1st nov.


Marty, I run #596 with yellow backgrounds no headlight,hope to see you at the next d-36 H.S. :)

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