I'm going to visit Holister on the Friday the 13 hope none of you are superstitious, havent been there in 12 years wonder if a local can show me around let me know if you are interested

Hey mike , we met a while back at mammoth bar . can't make it to hollister (bummed) but we'll have to get to gether and go ridding . I hope we can get some rain soon to get rid of this dust . how is mammoth bar ? I have only ridden once sence we met due to work and a remodle on my house and everything else that can stop me from riding. I don't think my head is on streight anymoore. sounds like we have a large group of nor-cal riders up here talking about stonyford on thanksgiving weekend . have fun at hollister (watch out for that POISION OAK ) i catch it bad.

marty mosley


Hi Marty Yea I havent been back to Mamath Bar since my last (sound test bummer from Ranger Rick) I've been going to Forest hill ( Sugar Pine area) great ridding but that place could really use some rain. I would like to go to Stonyford havent been there in 12 years I"ve seen so postings thats perty dusty also. Come on rain Marty thanks for turning me on to this site what a wealth of information. Hope to hook up with some on in Holister See Ya Mike Kaveney Rocklin, CA ]

Hey guys.

Mammoth is undergoing some changes, like limiting riding days. As of Oct 1 it is only open a few days a week. No Saturdays, but Sundays welcome. Go to Mammoths web site for the actual days. Kind of a bummer. If you guys are in Placer county we should all hook up. I live in Roseville. We have a group that goes to Stoneyford every so often, you should join us, all WR's, great group of guys. Let me know when you can join us.

Mike in Roseville

Mike K., What time are you going to Hollister on Friday? There is a good chance I might be able to play hookie and meet you at Jerrys for breakfast, if this sounds ok to you let me know.If you cant do breakfast we can hook up at the Pit Stop. Should Know wednesday if I have to to work. Huge,


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