07 front axle nut interchangeability???

So im puttin my bike back together after puttin my new fork skins on:thumbsup: and im torquing down my front axle nut. I then hear a loud snap. Yep, axle nut stripped. :thumbsup: The axle on my 07450 felt significantly lighter than my 04250f. I always had a bad feeling about it. Anyways, i was wondering if axle nuts from previous years would work. The park numbers are different but i figure that may be due to different material.

Just hoping i can broaden the possibility of finding a part for this weekend so i can ride:cry: :thumbsup:

at least the axle did not strip - buy a new nut and you are good to go. The 06 nut is alum to

yeah well thats the thing...find a nut in STOCK. No one seems to have a nut for an 07 part number. Thats why i was wondering if different years models or even brands were interchangeable. I was hopin to race on sunday.:thumbsup:

Take your axle to the dealer and try to spin the early nut on it (clean the threads up first). If it's the same thread, you should be able to get full thread contact by hand.

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