weight difference between wr, yz silencer

If I was to change my silencer from a stock wr, to a yz and remove my light. about how much weight would I lose. and also go with a stock yz tank and seat..

I don't know the weight of the yz muffler however; I weighed by wr muffler before I sold it and it came in at 8.5lbs with the baffle in place.

Exhaust weight-

WR stock no baffle - 8lb 3oz

YZ stock - 5lb 2oz

It is 3lb 1oz lighter on the stock YZ.

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I have a complete 2000 yz426F exhaust for sale that i took of my Wr when i traded it for a YZ. It works excellent and is in new

condition. I would like $100us plus shipping.

My email adress is fashing@execulink.com

YAMAHAYZ-------- Is this the same as for a 400 or is the 426 a different size?

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