Acerbis verses IMS fuel tanks

Ok, I have heard that some of you guys are using the IMS YZ 3.3 gal. tank and the YZ seat combo. I am going to do this combo too, and it would seem to help my short statcher (5'8") The question is, are any of you guys using the Acerbis model? I heard some complaints on the fit and finish on the IMS tank. Air bubbles, some things don't line up, etc. I was checking the Acerbis one, it has two peacocks and you can use a dry break on it too. I know it cost more than the IMS tank, it just seems like it is made better. So I am just assuming it is just personal preference what company one uses ,but, some opinions would be great. As of right now I am going with the Acerbis one...'cause I am anal about some things...and yes, I know it is going to get beat to **** .

I have the IMS and here's my impression:

Fit: A- (stock rad. scoops a little tight but they work)

Finish: C+ (not as good as stock. Some air bubbles and the seams could be finished better. Tollerable.

Acerbis is known for high quality however; I don't know a single rider with the tank and the IMS seems to be serving its owners well. Personally, I don't think you'll go wrong with the IMS, Clarke, or Acerbis.

are you doing duelsport?

if i had my time again i would buy a YZ tank for enduro racing.



Im the one that was complaining about the finish of my new Ty Davis style tank. It has many air bubbles in it as though it was made rather hastily. I think they made it real fast because the orders are coming into Montclair Yamaha much faster than anticipated. These tanks are made after the styling Ty Davis himself requested and they are very good. They are made for him by IMS.

I'm keeping mine in spite of its cosmetic flaws. It holds the fuel very low, is extremely slender and fits very well.

If you go to IMS' web site and click on pictures, you'll see a pic of it. Clark Mason also posted pictures of his a while back if you can find the thread on it in the archives.

I did talk to one guy I raced with who had a hard time mounting his Acerbis tank. After some reflection perhaps he is just an inept mechanic.

As far as I know the IMS is available with dry break.

My “opaque” IMS doesn’t have any visible bubbles in the seams and installed easily. But the petcock is on the right and, while easy to get to, some folks have melted fuel lines on high, tight header pipes.

But I think if somebody could develop a translucent plastic that did not discolor with gasoline they would do well.

Originally posted by Taffy:

are you doing duelsport?

if i had my time again i would buy a YZ tank for enduro racing.


Yes I am doing duel sport Taffy, I just converted it about a week ago. Lovin' it. I just did a nice 120 mile round trip with it up,over, and back down again our local mountain here (Tucson,AZ) top of the mountain is 8000'...she was a little cranky up there...have to jet her yet. Can't decide what to do, I live at about 2200' and ride up to 8000'. Taffy I have read some of your rants you are a funny funny bloke!

Vincent, I saw the TY tank, I don't know if I like it or not. It is 4 gal. right? I'll go check it out again. It seems...well it does look like you have to take it off to get to the carb.


Yeah I think youd have to take the tank off to do any tinkering on the carb, but I always have anyway. I cant imagine being able to do much on the carb even with the stock tank on still on the bike.

As for capacity, I dont think its any more than 3.4 gallons or so, but its ultra skinny and carries most all the fuel down low.

I was really skeptical too by looking at the pics, but now that I mounted it on the bike Im pretty pumped up about it. Its a really trick looking tank.

I'll give you a full ride report just as soon as I get caught up on the honey do's around the house. :) Im sure the lower center of gravity and skinnieness are gonna help handling tremendously!!

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