flywheel / magneto coming apart?

I went to install a zipty flywheel weight today and when I was cleaning the oil from the inside of the magneto the inside spun.. I was thinking that's weird so I spun it more and more until the magnets seperated from the flywheel.. I am assuming that this is a press fit and somehow it came apart?? I cans see where it had been wearing on the stator a bit.. so I stuck it back in there and lined up the plastic spacers where they should be.. tapped it in with a rubber mallet and tried spinning it again.. didnt. I know I should probably get a new flywheel now but it runs fine. Oh and the lip on the magnet assembly is being held in by the zipty flywheel weight bolts.

I can't imagine what you're describing, exactly. I think I'd have to see it. But in any case, I don't think I'd run it in that condition.

Wish I took pictures while it was apart, I cant get the magnets to come out again. Its basically a sleeve that fits inside the flywheel made up of 4 magnetic strips. apparently the sleeve had slid out and started rubbing on the stator mount (not the coils). I will take it all apart again and take some pictures as soon as I get a new flywheel.

Take it from someone that has been there, replace the flywheel before it destroys everything associated with the ignition. Had one come apart (magnet seperated from the fwheel) on a sportster & cost me plenty. You can buy the entire fwheel assembly, weight included from zipty. It'll be cheaper in the long run.

Thanks guys, I will get the flywheel. sucks, but at least I caught it before it did any severe damage.

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