Repacking White bros e-series

Hello All,

Looking for some help. Has anyone repacked their e-series exhaust and if so can you tell me an easy way to do it. I have looked at it and it seems to me that you need to drill out the rivets in order to repack the core. Your help would be greatly appreciated.



Hey Ned, I just went through that 'exercise' a couple of months ago on my 'carbon fiber' E-series. Yes, you need to drill out the rivets on the front end (side that connects to the pipe)only. Then, with the muffler clamped to the head pipe you can gently work the muffler end out of the muffler housing by working it side to side/up and down until it pops out. Get a pack of the rivets from White Bros and the biggest rivet gun from a local hardware store to re-rivet it after you re-stuff it. Mine took about 5or6 packs of packing material, to make it as quiet as possible.

Have fun... Mike '00WR400 :)


Thanks for the help. I will get to it soon. It looks like all of my original packing is basically gone. Thanks again for the help.


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