Grease me up

Well I finally got around to pulling the steering stem apart & guess what I found - no grease to speak of and the start of rust/pitting on the upper race. It looks like the 'seal' doesn't do such a good job and water has gotten past it and collected at the low spot in the upper bearing - 6 O'clock as you sit on the bike. I'm not going to replace the bearing/race at this time - not enough time before leaving for Moab. I'll replace it at the next service.

Does anybody have a recommendation for a secondary 'seal' to prevent more water intrusion?


When you grease the steering stem via the zerk do you get grease coming out both the top & bottom bearings or just the bottom?



I'm betting that you have a 98 or 99 WR. If so go buy a new 00 or 01 top bearing. They have a new rubber sealing ring that earlier ones do not. Like it says above I've gone through the same probs. This fixed it.

Good luck!


JJ - 99 WR; WR timed, stock jetting, Scotts stabalizer, Scotts triple clamps, Pro-Tapers, Terry Cable Hot start, MSR Raptor clutch lever, Moose skid plate, Works frame guards, Acerbis Pro Rally guards, Renthal MD-soft grips, Russel speed bleeders, Factory Effect graphics, YZ rear fender

Thanks JJ. I'll give it a try.


How about taking a mountain bike inner tube and cutting it to slide over the ends of the the headset (where the bearings/races are...that is what we call it on bicyles) Making a rubber boot to protect the bearings. Of coarse this would have to be done while everything is appart. So...Milkman are you going to zerk your swingarm linkage too...that may not work because of the bearing sleaves in there...AND that is a touch risky not to muff that junk up, eh? I think it could be done, if you had access to a machine shop. And a really anal retentive friend. I know I couldn't do it. But man-o-man that would sure beat taking that thing appart. On second thought, I don't know if it could be done at all, the zerks may get in the way of the movement of the suspension. It was just a thought. Talking of zerk fittings reminded me of when I used to run heavy equipment, we used to grease the hell out of that sh%t.

hey, i read a tech tip in dirt rider where the guy welded the ends of his swingarm bolt shut--so there is no light seen through it--and then installed a zerk in one end. the bolt is recessed so the zerk wont catch on your boot. he said it worked well and pushes all the dirt and water out as well.

i forgot a small detail! you have to drill small holes (1/16) in the swingarm bolt to let the grease get into the bearings. details details!

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