2-up ATV riding in Michigan

My family is planning a trip to the UP of Michigan. We noticed that the regulations prohibit riding 2-up on all ORVs (unless the ORV was originally designed for 2-up riding). My question is, how well is this rule enforced? I've heard of areas where this rule is strictly enforced (Hatfield McCoy trails in WV) and I've seen areas where there were people riding double all over the place, and the DNR officiers didn't seem to mind. Is there anyone out there who's ridden the trails of the UP with any knowledge on the subject? If so, your input is appreciated. (Please no flaming on this. I'll do most of my riding alone, but would love to be able to take my kids on a few short, slow rides on flat trail. We always wear helmets and other protective gear, and I've got over 20 years of riding experience). Thanks!

Pretty strictly enforced. Less likely to see a CO in the UP than in the LP just 'cause there are fewer people up there. Still, it's illegal and certainly something they can (and do) hassle you about.

Put it another way.. 2 up on a non-2 up machine will get a CO's attention much faster than a loud pipe or no ORV sticker.

I have heard that some of the less informed dnrs had actually gave a ticket with a legal 2 person quad i have a polaris 2 seater

So how do you like that 2-seater? I'm seriously considering buying a Can-Am 650 Outlander 2-seater. I've printed a copy of the Michigan regulations, clearly stating that it is illegal to ride double on a vehicle unless that vehicle was manufactured for 2 passengers. If I buy the 2-seater, I will keep the print out with me to show to any uninformed COs that try to ticket me.

I have a 2-seater Bombardier outlander max 400 and they are great. Sometimes a little tight in some trails. I would agree that you should not ride 2 people on a 1 person atv. Remember infractions on ATV's are MISDEMEANORS! Of course some times DNR will give you a "BREAK" and only write it as a $100+ civil infraction. THANKS OFFICER!

Not sure on the polaris, but watch the width of the newer 2 seaters as wider is not always better.

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