Moab phone #'s

Hey guys,

Howard and I are leaving tonight for Moab.We should arrive around 1:00 P.M. thursday. We're staying in one of the cabins (#2) at "Morris' last resort". Our location will be 8 miles south of Moab on hwy. 191, turn left at the sign for "Sunrise cabin". I'm not sure of the cabin's phone # but if all else fails the main # for Morris' is 1-888-820-8525. If any of you other guys know what your phone # in Moab is post it so we can connect there.

Mike & Howard,

You guys have to tell the story about check in! If you don't, you know on of the rest of us will...


Well the story goes like this. Medium Howard (formerly known as HUGE, ask Jake about this) and I check into a cabin. Now keep in mind that we had just done an 18 hour drive with Howard chippin' in 2 hours. Needless to say I'm f@#$^&* tired. We walk into the place with the clerk and I'm oblivious to the fact that there is only one bed (or so it appears). Howard, however, is not missing this fact. So I'm having a conversation with Sally and she's asking me where we're from. I reply "the San Francisco bay area". Howard is starting to become real homophobic at this point. Right about now Sally's probably wondering who's pitching and who's catching. Anyway Howard finally asks Sally if there is another bed and she says the couch has a hideaway bed. A pretty funny story, especially if you were there.

P.S. Jake, I think I may also be in the running for the most spectacular wipeout. Ask Brian about the "Lougainis" I did over the bars. I also promise to have more riding time under my belt & be in better shape (I'm thinking coors light might help) but I'm not sure about the hair plugs & the extension. I had a GREAT time. You guys were a lot of fun. Brian, let us know how much $ the videos will be. Let's do it again.

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