XR600 manual decompression system

I've had my 95 XR600R for over a year and finally got around to adding a manual decompressor lever set-up a few months ago. Someone had removed it at some point, not really sure why.

So I go to install it just the way my factory manual shows and I've got a wee problem. Manual states that there should be free play on the lever (5-8mm), but there's not, no matter what I do.

The cable attaches to the motor and has an aduster and two lock nuts on it. One lock nut goes on one side of the sprung bracket, and on one the other. However, even with both nuts on the cable side (in an effort to allow as much slack as possible in the cable) there's still tension from the spring, and therefore no free play on the lever.

Could it be that I've got a valve adjustment issue? I've got a question about that too but I'm going to post seperately.

Any other ideas? Do you have free play in your lever? (Sounds like a personal problem, I know!)



Check the routing of the cable. You can get a little more play by moving the positioning of the lever itself, too.

I tried that but couldn't get any slack in the cable at all.

Thanks though.

The free play at the lever should include taking up some of that spring tension. The free play ends when the lifter shaft sticking out of the head actually starts contacting and moving the rocker arm within the head cover. You'll feel it when it makes contact. As you pull the lever, at first you just feel the spring tension--you're still in the "free play" at that point. Then you'll feel a point when there's substantially more pressure. This is when the lifter shaft actually makes contact with the rocker arm. That's the point when the free play ends.

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