Transmission Shift Pin

I have read the question about the 2000 shift pin coming out but don't have a clear idea of what the problem is or what should be checked or replaced. Hick asked the same quuestion and had a link to the tranny picture to try to help.

So could you or someone else point me in the right direction here? I would like to do a preventative part swap but I need to know the part with the disappearing pin. It would be great if someone could reply with the reference number from the link below:

Can someone help us out?

Thanks olson,

I already have my motor together but still wondering about this question so I'm bringing it to the top.

Hick, I wonder about it every time I ride. Figure I won't have a problem until I'm 50 miles from the trailhead.

By the way thanks for the link to the Yamaha parts book web site. That will come in handy!

You're welcome!!

Back to the top again...

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