XR 650L...is there a sweet spot on the seat?

I usually sip up front with my crotch up against the gas tank but recently I found a "sweet spot" which is about 3 inches back...do any of you guys feel that spot? It seems like the foward/rear balance is perfect there and my posture automaticaly goes to straight up...i love siting there. Any thoughts?

No matter where you sit, it will eventually get to you if you ride a long enough distance.

I know exactly where your talkin though :thumbsup:

There are two things I'd like to improve on seat

1) slice some padding off and install a gel slab where the sweet spot area is

2) build the front higher, ever so slightly, so I'm not constantly sliding forward all the time.

3) :thumbsup: may need a custom cover then ?

I agree 100% with Huffa and it's one of my upcoming projects. I haven't been able to find a piece of gel to shape myself though. Anyone know of a source? There's a guy who is always selling black XRL seat covers on ebay. I bought one and have it sitting here right now. I think the biggest problem with the seat is the slight forward slope. It does all kinds of nasty things to one's hiney area:prof:

It does all kinds of nasty things to one's hiney area:prof:

:cheers: So true! :thumbsup:

I really like :thumbsup::busted: what this member did here, I may go this route too, be a great "I did it myself " project and something I'm capable of.


Hey bibleman, where in Jersey are you? We have to hook up and go for a long haul someday?

Central Jersey right by Great Adventure in Jackson. Give me a holler and we'll meet somewhere:thumbsup:

PS Good link!

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