very cold starting

My 99 WR is jetted perfectly for the Idaho mountains 6K to 9K feet. Always starts with one kick and never had any starting problems......until this weekend.

Went up hunting and the morning temp was around 25F or -5C. It took me forever to get my bike started first thing in the morning. Once started it ran pretty good, but not perfectly as stated above.

Anybody else in the forum ever start their bike in extreme cold weather. What did you need to do?

Tuck her in at night with a warm blanket........

I really don't know. It doesn't get that cold in southern AZ. Did you ever think of an oil heater? Like the ones you can get for autos? I'm just guessing here. What do snow-mo-bills use? Or does it matter with 2 strokes? That's usually what those guys are.

i also went hunting this weekend with my wr at about 5ooo feet and had no problems starting my bike at the same temp. how do you carry your gun on your bike? i had mine over my shoulder and after a while my shoulder got pretty tired.

Spudman, Must have been a day your bike wanted to sleep in, here in Auz I only ride winter, with tempratures at -5 C, never a problem 1st or 2nd kick.

It happened to me the other day at 34 deg. My plug was slightly carboned up. A new plug and it started on the first kick.

Maybe old blue just wanted to get me warmed up in the morning with all that extra kicking. :) Thanks all for the input.

Ray, I carry my gun over my shoulder as well. Haven't looked into it, but maybe a scabbard could be mounted somewhere on the bike.

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