I recently purchased an fmf q series muffler.My question is the gasket does not fit either on the inside or out of either the stock header pipe or muffler pipe.Did they give me the wrong one/do i need it anyway you guys always have the answers!This weekend will be my first ride on the thumper and i dont want to do any damage.THANKS FOR THE REPLY. :):D:D


My SuperTrapp did not come with a gasket for between the header and pipe. I just used some silicone to seal. Not the FMF but the FMF my wife put on her TTR250 ddid nt use a gasket either. I wwould look at the clearance and use good judgement. Good luck with your pipe :)

What year is your ratbike? I don't know for sure but I think the header diameter at the collector was increased in '00.

Anyway on my YZ 426 the Q pipe did not need a gasket, and one would not come close to fitting in there. It did leak slightly, I only noticed this due to a small amount of discoloration on that chrome oil feed line to the head. I wrapped the header with teflon tape and that seemed to cure the problem.

You may want to keep an eye on the four screws that secure to the can to the collector, they tend to come loose and in my case eventually ripped away from the can, ruining my $300 FMF pipe. Thanks Mr. Emler, hope you enjoyed my $$.

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