KTM ignition?

I got a street legal KTM 400 EXC supermotard!

It is a great bike, but ther is no ignition switch on it! Anyone can just start it up and go!! Do you guy's know if there is some after market ignition switch for the KTM 400 EXC. Or maybe some ignition switch from other bikes fit the KTM 400 EXC!!?

And why isn't there any KTM 400/520 owners page!!? Ther is a page for the WR, YZF and the DRZ!! Why not KTM!? The KTM four stroke is one of the best in the world!!

The KTM forum was over at http://www.400thumpers.com/cgi-bin/UltraBoard/UltraBoard.cgi

but the site went down and all the posts and members were lost, but now it's back to normal, the problem is that there is no action yet. Maybe you can kick it back off over there, as it was starting to get going before.


RodH Canberra, Australia<A HREF="http://www.400thumpers.com" TARGET=_blank>

400 Thumpers Australia</A>

2000 WR400F See Photo's and Modifications

Or how about this scenario;

You just finish installing a super pukka job of an ignition system, ride down to the pub and have a couple beers with the mates to celebrate. A couple usavory blokes spot the intrinsic value of that EXC sitting out front all pristine and Motard like and decide to load it in the back of their half ton.

Nice job on the ignition but I am sure that will not be a major concern back at their R&D center.

Personally I prefer the protection of a nice thick case hardened German 10mm case hardened

Abus chain lock.

Not that many would be able to start my WR400 anyway!


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