Shop in so Cal.

Two weeks ago I got my first four stroke, a 2000 WR 400F, comming from a 250cc two stroke the bike felt heavier and a lack of mid and top end,(lots of bottom though)

I have been reading some of the posts here and need help finding a good shop specializing in this bike for mod's including YZ timing. Thanks. Alex E.

[This message has been edited by AlexsoCal (edited 10-10-2000).]

[This message has been edited by AlexsoCal (edited 10-10-2000).]


41376 Pear Street

Murrieta, CA 9252

Voice: (909) 698-8988

FAX: (909) 698-6083

Ask for Dallas Baker. He can make your 400 run very well.

Thank You!, I will give him a call. :)

alex, you are missing a lot of power!! Do the

baffle, throttle stop, and timing mods immediately. Then spank the 2 strokes all day!! if you are a good enough rider!

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