Carburetor Need Help!!!!

As stated in previous posts, i am not the greatest 4 stroke mechanic , yet. When first bought the bike it wasn't running all that great, so i took it to the dealer. I figured it was a jetting issue, but timid with this (new to me), 02 WR426. Dealer says yes jetting is jacked, so i let them do the jetting, after i did all the free mods. So we are now almost 2 years later, I am working on my bike changing sprokets and chain, as i sit there looking at a job well done, thanks to all you fellow TT'ers :busted:

I notice the top to the carb has a gap between it and the carb body, i lift on it and sure as hell the screws have worked themselvs lose. Now is this normal or did the dealer just screw up and never tightened them down? I think dealer screwed up!!!:thumbsup:

So why in the world would the bike still run like a bat out of hell with this issue?, my last ride was 2 weeks ago no problems. and should i just retighten the screws down or should the carb be looked at internally?

Sorry for so long but needed to tell story to someone who would listen, seeing my wife don't give a $hit about my bike. :cheers:

Thank you for replies and for listening...:thumbsup:

I personally would take the carb out of there and give it a thorough inspection and cleaning. dirt up there could severely wear the slide or stick it in an unpleasant position at a bad time. Seems like you have gotten past some of your fears so tackle the carb and you will come away with more knowledge of your bike. I suspect that the dealers mechanic didn't get the bolts as tight as they should have been , but after 2 years it' going to be your problem not the dealers. the cover doesn't have alot to do with how the bike runs , but it should stay fairly clean up htere. WR Dave.

I would agree with Dave, if you don't have a manual then you will want to download one. Follow the manual and carb removal, cleaning, installation, and operation is really fairly simple. Get in there and get your hands dirty, you will be a better mechanic for it. Good luck, and we are here if you have questions. Hope this helps.


Thank you Dave, and Josh I will take your advise and pull the carb out and do a thorough cleaning. Only one question, i do have a manual on disk but it doesn't help with pulling carb off bike. Is there anything special about getting carb out? like does the subframe and airbox need to come out, or just unhook cables and losen both clamps and "volia". Anything would be helpful....

again TY my brotha TT'ers....:thumbsup:

I've always just pulled the cables and loosened both clamps, pulled back on the airbox boot and the carb comes out pretty easy. Just make sure everything is CLEAN when you reverse the procedure to put it back in. Nothing worse than doing a good job only to screw it up with some unwanted dirt in the carb at the end. WR Dave.

I don't usually pull the subframe either, just pull the airbox boot back and drop the carb out. I usually pull the throttle cables off of the carb first then remove the boots. It can be done either way, but the boots hold everything still. You will also need to pull the hotstart off of the carb before you can get it out. All of the overflow and vent tubes will just pull out, make note of where they went so you can put them back. Have fun, and good luck.


Alright Dave and Josh, finally got home today and pulled the carb out of bike, and it wasn't to bad of a job. :thumbsup: There is one screw missing of the slide cover the other was there, so i'll go by Yamaha and get another on Tue. Pulled the cover off and it did have some small dust particls in it, so i pulled bowl off and took slide out and it looks fine inside, but did a thorough cleaning. I hope that when all is said and done it works.

So here are my carb specs.

Main Jet--168

Pilot Jet--45

Stock Clip on--3rd from bottom ( and i mean 3rd from the tip of needle up)

Air screwr out 1-1/2 Turns

Now if i get the JD Jet Kit should i start out with these setting? Or do you reccomend any other settings?

Oh ya, and i have a Boyesen Accelerator pump on the way as i write this.

My altitude is 350' to probably 4000' hopefuly soon.

Again thank you Dave And Josh.

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