Thanks for making the trip, guys!

I wanted to take a moment this morning to sincerely thank all of you Moab participants. (I can’t work anyway. Even my eyelids hurt!) I’m so glad that I had the most spectacular crash (for those who didn’t see it – I hit neutral trying to clear the crack – ouch!)

When we (Bryan, Kerry, Cary, (somebody named Mitch helped too – I think…)) were planning this adventure, we truly hoped we would be the worst riders there. We thank all of you for making this true and thoroughly showing us up! You guys were Awesome!

Everyone was so cool with the laid-back organization – thanks a ton for that. We’ll meet at 9:00, 9:30, 10:00 – noon is sounding good today… Sorry I wasn’t in better shape to run with you guys. Next year I’ll know better or you can pound me in the ground again!

OK, it was a little weird the first day. Solid rock to powder sand to rock to stream crossings, Rock, dirt roads – did I mention the rock? Remember we said it would be like riding on Mars?

For any of you that didn’t make it, you couldn’t have asked for a better group of guys. Welcome any of them to your favorite spots! - just hold on - Them boys can RIDE!

Thoroughly Humbled,


If anyone should be humbled its me, you guys from Col. are BIG :) What are you talking about you did great the first day :D I had a really geart time hope we can ride together again. That two hour drive from San Jose wasn,t bad HeHe.

Best crash is right! Were you still singing soprano in the shower this morning?

I'm still trying to think up ways for you to get those two little :) dents out of the top of your tank!

Hoser #1

Take off! Aye,

A day and a half later, I still haved that low belly ache. :D Have pumpkin post any pictures. I'd like to see just how stupid I looked!

Bounced the 'Road Trip to the Great White North' off my wife last night. She wasn't completely opposed. KerryT's wife won't make it though. Looks like I have to work in those trees and getting my machine into 1st :)


Hey Cueball/Hoser #1.

Glad you made it back OK. All we Colorado boys can talk about is our Canadian Hoser tour next summer eh?

I can't wait! We are already talking about renting an RV and a trailer and taking the rather large smelly crew up there eh!

You didn't get lost on the way home like you did on the Gold Bar Rim trail did you? :)

I truley enjoyed it,


Hey Howard Huge/Normal/Not so huge.

Check out your air picture on the WR400 home page!



Sweet picture eh! Thanks for posting it showed it to pops he had an ear to ear grin :) I had a great time as did everyone else I'm sure. These pictures really drive home the memories. Its been raining in California past couple of days pretty hard too. Time for some new tires can't wait to rip it up this weekend! LATE,Huge

Jake, the Mississippi crew arrived home about 11:00 am after an all night drive. Thanks to all the ThumperTalk crew for the fantastic rides. It was great fun to ride with everyone. I was amazed the blue and yellow bikes survived the beating Moab dishes out! I'll send my pictures to Bryan to use if he needs additional shots.

For those not making the ride, the photos don't fully capture the terrain. The hard sandstone surfaces offer incredible traction, but there were frequent sandwashes to keep you honest and on your toes. My favorite section was Poison Spider which I rode three times forward and once backwards. The multiple stairstep obstacles were intimidating at first, but the traction allowed them to be climbed if you could maintain momentum. Just when I thought I had them figured out, one sandy stairstep stopped me cold on two attempts on the backwards trip.

My two friends on the Hondas made a 165 mile journey while we were riding the Spider on the last day. (their stock tanks would not make 165 miles) They would have slept in the desert if campers had not gived them gas. They arrived cold and hungry at about 8:30 that night. The campers who gave them gas probably think you meet the dumbest people on a Honda.

Again, Thanks Guys!


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