thanks for the fun...

Just wanted to drop a quick line thanking the Colo. guys for taking the bull by the horns and showing everyone some great trailriding. I know being "trail boss" can be a big pain in the butt and you guys did a great job keeping everyone happy. Though my Arizona group only ran with you guys one day I must say I was impressed by the overall riding compentence of the group. Our group of 15 made it over Poison Spider Mesa/Gold Bar Rim ride Sat. with no problems to speak of. Great trip and I'm looking forward to next year. Remember Jake (or anyone else) when you're down in Phx. for furniture to look us up in Prescott. Some great trailriding to show you down here. Clint from Prescott.

Thanks CAB.

I had a great time too. What an awesome ride with a group that all kept up great. I'm also glad no one got hurt.

I would love to ride in Phoenix sometime and hope to see you there.


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