426 to big?

Hey, i currently have a TTR 125L and have been riding for about a year and a half, it just plain sucks in stock form, i am 5'9" and 170LBS, and my question is would i be too small for a 02 YZ 426, as i have a chance to buy one with renthal sprockets and gold racing chain, big gun exhaust and freestyle bars.

for your size no a 426 is not to big.. the 426 is a excellent bike. it can be wild at times but if your riding ability isant up to par, it can easily be configured to your abilty by adding a flywheel weight.

It's not too big for you, but it's a big step up from a TTR125L, you'll have to be careful to begin with and it's probably worth learning to keep a finger over the clutch lever for any hairy terrain.

well I am 5'9" ~135lbs and I have a WR426.

It's not too big, I am comfortable with it. Just don't get cocky with the gas.

Im about the same size as you, I just picked up an 01 yz426f about two weeks ago after upgrading from a 250f. It is a little bigger(seat height wise) than my previous bike, on my tippy toes at rest. Also, the weight of the bike is going to be a big difference, at speed this thing soaks up everything and is rock solid through bumps, at slow speeds its a little hefty, but not too bad. All in all you should be fine uprgrading to one, just make sure you have good throttle control and take it easy at first, other than that they are awesome bikes, i love this thing. Its def. made me a better rider. Enjoy it and go get one these bikes I think are the best deal out there.

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