Steering or replace?

noticed the steering on my bike was feeling strange...thought it was the Scotts stabilizer, so I pulled that off and it's actually in the steering felt 'indexed' when I'd turn the bars left and right.

so I pulled it apart and note the top bearing looks okay, but the lower looks like it ran out of grease. My assumption is that by running my tank breather hose down the steerer tube, any fuel that burps out is running down onto the bearing race and likely dissolving the bearing grease. So, I won't be running my fuel breather like that anymore...

the bearings and races look alright, don't appear to have any pitting or anything, and I hear it's a bitch getting the lower bearing off the steerer tube. Should I just go ahead and repack generously with grease, or should I get new bearings?

You will need to replace the bearings , if you just try to grease the bearings they will still feel notchy. The lower bearing is tough to get off, take the stem and lower tree to a machine shop and have them press it off, if you dont have a press and bearing splitter.


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