TTR-125 vs. YZ80 ?? Help!

It is getting time to upgrade my son's XR100. The problem is that we both trail ride and do a little MX. Ideally I would like to have both.

Something like a WR400, where you can trail ride and MX, but for kids

What we need is a Yamaha a YZ125F, a four stroker MX'er for kids. Anybody heard of Yamaha coming out with something like this in the rumor mill?

Does anybody have kids with either a YZ80 or TTR-125. What has been your experience.


I'm wrestling with the same issue for my son. We just sold his Suzuki DR100 and he wants either a YZ80 or TTR-125L. I know what the YZ is like, not the best for trails. I don't know what the TTR is like, if it had a rear disc brake it would probably be the bike for him as he doesn't use the front brake much. Just not sure if the TTR has the punch he is looking for, he was tired of his DR because it didn't have much grunt anywhere in the powerband - but the YZ may have too much. My guess is that we will try the YZ because we can buy a used one much cheaper than a used TTR-L, he'll just have to learn how to control the power!

Paul in AZ

I had read that the YZ80 is actually a nice trail bike for kids or short beginners. 99 model I think. It was rated as the best kids 2-stroke trail bike.

If he's bored of the XR100, I doubt the YZ80 would be too much for him. Then again, I saw one a few weeks back at a track holding it's own.

My son has a 99 yz80 we mx and trail ride. my wife has a oo ttr125 . the 80 lacks some low end but will scare the **** out of you when you hit the powerband (it's a rocket)if you know what I mean ! i'm trying some jetting changes to get better bottom end . the ttr is a great wife/pit bike but thats about it . If there any thing else you can e-mail me @ . I am a member here but I bought a new computer and haven't changed my info yet. not even sure how to change it?

marty mosley

The biggest issue with the XR100 is it's total lack of suspension. It is pretty hideous to try to MX the thing.

As for the YZ on trails. How far would a YZ80 with a 1.3 gallon gas tank go?

As for the power of the TTR-125. My guess is it would probably have as much punch as a YZ. At least in terms of tractable power. Maybe even better. Especially with a pipe and some tweeks. This however is just a guess because the XR100 with a pipe has very tractable power and this motor was developed several years after the invention of the wheel. Very old tech. The Yamaha has to be a more powerful engine per/cc. But I have not seen any magazine test results.

I guess the question is.... Is a YZ80 a decent trail bike or will the on/off nature of the two stroke power delivery drive you crazy?


Your the man!

Thanks for you input. It sounds like the TTR-125L is just an upgraded XR100 then?

I was checking it out at the dealership and it looked like it had a decent suspension and was much more capable than an XR. More suspension travel. Adjustable suspension.

But what you are saying is that it isn't even in the same league. Correct?

Yes the ttr is real slow compared to the yz my son dosen't even want to ride it . but that dam 2-stroke will drive you nuts its like a mad bee you want to swat.

Sounds like a love hate relationship.

Which brings me back to what my son keeps on saying. Why doesn't Yamaha make a WR125. A kids four stroker with a moto-cross suspension. That's what we need.

However your comment about your son not wanting to ride the TTR says alot.

Certainly the YZ is the weapon of choice for moto-cross. But wouldn't he choose the TTR for a 5 hour trail ride instead of the YZ?

My son hangs pretty good on the trail rides untill it gets real steep then that lack of low end makes it difficult to handle. Hoping to get an fmf fatty pipe to see if we can get some better low end. and expect to buy some extra rear fenders that bike eats them for lunch.

I will be interested to hear how it goes, because we do trail ride out at Arrowhead, CA where there are some pretty steep hills. He motors up pretty well on the XR100.

Why does it eat fender?

He thinks the ttr is to much of a mama's bike and the suspension on the yz is real plush

It tends to loop out proably cause the powreband goes from nothing to everything in a verry short amount of time.

You ever consider a "mini"? A mini is an xr100 motor stuffed in a yz 80 or kx 80/100 or cr 80 frame and chasis. Try DMC in anaheim Ca. They are experts in setting these up. Grown Men race these things at mx tracks and they get around pretty darned good on them. You already have the motor, now all you have to find is a used cr80(which

is the least expensive to modify)to put it in. Your kid will have the best suspension, and even though the motor isn't a rocket, he can learn to "carry" speed on the bike. They also have big-bore kits for these bikes too.



So Cal Erik

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Thanks for the thought. I have considered this. Why doesn't one of the manufacturers come up with something like that.

Probably just a matter of time.

I made a vow to myself when I sold my 1985 Corvette (Blew up trannys every 10,000 miles and set off every car alarm it drove by), to no longer go for extremely modified vehicles. Every car and bike I have ever owned has been built out to the max. Swapping motors (GSXR 750/1100), turbocharing (1980's Scirroco), there hasn't been a vehicle I owned that I didn't mess with. But now at the ripe old age of 38, I would rather just buy something, and tweek it to fix what the factory missed, rather than re-engineer the whole damn thing. The problem is it takes too much time and money which I never get back. Lots of fun though. So I think I am going to go the stock/ slightly modified route. I got this pesky thing called a job and family which keeps me from tinkering in the garage all day.

Yamaha are you listening.

We want a YZ125F to compete with the YZ80.

John, missed you up at Silverwood today. It was perfect weather, almost no people up there riding, but boy do we need some rain!

(duuuusty) Dmc has already fabbed ready to go minis for 5,500.00!! Hey, it ain't cheap, but you don't have to spend any time building one yourself. Let me know when you're goin' riding next, maybe we can get motoGreg and some others together too. Erik


So Cal Erik

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Absolutely I will let you know next time I go, you can do the same. I have had a good time with Moto-Greg and his cronies before.



I was at a track a few weeks ago. There was a kid with a TTR-125. He was jumping it, getting a few feet of air. On one of the jumps it threw the chain and tore a massive hole in the case.

Upon closer inspection we noticed:

1) no case saver protection whatsoever

2) there were 4 teeth missing off the countershaft sprocket - most interestingly it was every other tooth - broken, good, broken...

Conclusion, the TTR-125 is nice machine, but it obviously was not designed for heavy thrashing. If you own/puchase one I would strongly recommmend making and installing a case saver.

Eric in WA

oops! :)

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I have ridden both the 2000 TTR125 and the 2000 YZ80 I'm used to Thumpers so When I got on the YZ I road around for a bit and was like this little piecer. It seemed as though my old 74 SL70 had more power. Then I got out on this gravel rode and held the throttle wide open it kinda went like this bbbbbbbbbbbbbblllllllllllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and then all of the sudden wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee so the moral of the story is that I had been riding it around off the pipe that is why I thought it was powerless. Once you get on the pipe the thing flat out hauls! I also trail rode the thing a bit, then I came to a steep hill and that was the end of the fun trail ride. The hill was a bit technical so I couldn't just sit up on the tank and fly up it. After the 5th try at the hill I figured that I would just go as far as I could and then get off and push.So I did that.What a pain. The YZ sucks for steep trail riding. The TTR is way easier on trails but I wouldn't dare take it onto a track. The TTR is harry carey scary at top speed. The TTR has good power for trails it's no rocket though. If you wanna trail ride get the TTR if you wanna moto-x get the YZ if you wanna do both buy both bikes. Taking the TTR moto-xing is like taking a knife to a gunfight, it just doesn't work very well. And for the YZ they should have put an on/off powerband switch on it so when you got to a steep hill you just turn the switch on so you don't have to worry about falling off the powerband.Cause if your on a hill and let off the gas that is the end of it. Well I'm gonna go ride my 400 now, bye! :D


Mike from Oregon

2000 WR400 :) White Bros E-series S-bend :D Throttle stop cut :D Acerbis handguards :D

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Back in nthe nearly 80's in Australia, we had what are fondly known as Honda XR75's. Do any of you guys remember these?

Anyway, abck then these things used to FLY, literally. I have seen magical things, by todays standards, done on these little 4 strokes.... Much faster than todays XR100's. (even the stock XR75's were faster and better suspended.) These bikes kept up with 2 stroke 80's... So, what I am getting to is the following:

TTR125 - with disks.

Stiffen the suspension

Change the pipe (both header and tail)

Uncork the airbox

Do all this, and the bike will fly!


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