TTR-125 vs. YZ80 ?? Help!

I have a new 2000 TTR-125L for sale. Brand new, with $250.00 pipe. Got it for my wife but now whe wants the Rapter. She gets what she wants. :)

Originally posted by Mitch from Oz:

Back in nthe nearly 80's in Australia, we had what are fondly known as Honda XR75's. Do any of you guys remember these?

I remember these! A friend of mine had one and I remember the sound with an open megaphone pipe he had. Wow, they were a lot of fun! I must have been 10-12 years old at the time.

Picked up a very nice stock one-owner '97 YZ80 for my son two days ago with less than 20 hours on it for $1500. Gave it some TLC last night and took it for a ride. One problem - my son is going to have to wrestle me off the thing. What a ball it was to ride, couldn't believe it was an 80cc. Sure beat paying $2500+ for a new TTR125L...

Paul in AZ


Thanks for the tip. I think that is the direction I will be heading (used YZ80). I was shocked when I looked for used XR100. Everybody wanted almost the same price as new. It just wasn't worth it so I bought new.

That is not the case with YZ's. It looks like it is worth while finacially to buy a used YZ80. I just hate the process.

You know "perfect condition" is synonomous with "peice of crap"

My wife just learned to ride on a 1976 XL100. She could barely reach the bent brake lever. Shortly after that I stumbled upon a deal. '94 yz80, good condition, $800. Not bad, Now this is the first 2-stroker I've owned, and this little sucker will make you pull your boxers out after a quick run up and down the yard. Now I have this bike, that Im afraid to let my wife ride because the power band is killer! When she goes with me, its minor trail stuff, no MX track, or no real major hill climbs. I think it lacks alot of the low end power that I think she is going to use. What it lacks in low end, it more than makes up for in top end. Are there any jetting ideas or pipe ideas that will help me tone down the upper end and give it a little more kick off throttle?


'00 DRZ E

Where is the kickstart on this thing....

i got my girlfriend a kx100 in like new condition and it would pull wheelies in 4th no problem. i know dyno-port makes a pipe that is supposed to make it more user friendly and i ran 87 octane in it but it didn't help. weights on the front fender mabye?

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