xr650l wheel bearings

Do these usually need pressed out? I have tried to beat them out no luck And I have also noticed the threads on my hub for the retaining nut are in bad shape. Is there a fix for this? Don't say new hub

I have always been able to pound them out. All I use is a punch/drift with a sharp edge to get the bearing.

As far as the hub goes... OK I won't tell you. I don't even know why the use that thing anyway.

First off were you trying to pound the bearings through the hub, or out the ends where the dust seals are? They come out the side of the hub they are on. Put a long punch through the opposite side of the hub to the inside edge of the bearing you want to extract and strike it with a hammer. If the bearings are really stubborn you can heat the hub up with a heat gun or a torch, being careful not to heat the bearing up as well. Don't over heat the hub. You can loosen and warp your spokes. You should be able to touch it with bare hands for a few seconds.

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