I need quick advise on this XR650r !

I've got an appointment tomorrow at 2pm to view/buy, if I decide to, a 2002 XR650r with a Baja kit. It's bone stock other than that. Has only about 10 hours on the bike total, he swears. The pic sure looks like it and it should be easy to tell. He said that he had the kit installed when he baught it and it's got a green sticker and a license plate. He said he had gotten injured so he hasn't been riding it. He wants 4300 bucks, firm. This seems like a good deal, here in northern California from what I can tell. It seems that this thing is basically brand new. Please let me know what you think. I don't want to pay too much. Thanks. Leonard

Good deal if it is what he says and the plate is legit.:thumbsup:

I bought a stock 02 with xr650r for $2700 about three months go. It was in very good shape with minor scratches only.

As said before, find out when the bike was officially "plated" if its all good,, then buy it. True plated 650Rs are getting hard to come by

Okay heres the deal. Take $4000.00 Cash to the meeting.

Put 3500 in your front right pocket and 5 C-notes in your other pocket.

Look closely at the frame rails just above the pegs for wear. This is the best way to see with your eyes...If there's truly low miles, it will show.

If its super clean, its worth four. Here's why: Honda has produced its last

650R. A lot of people come to this forum with predictions and rumors about the pending discontinuation of the 650R and they have their sources. That's cool. HONDA has produced the last 650. PERIOD.

So if it doesn't start on the third kick. Every kick after that takes off $50.

Try your best to get the bike to start quickly. Have the seller domonstrate. You never know. Things may be different in nevada. If you don't buy this guys 650for 3300-4000, some schmoe will come around within a week or two and pay 4300. Keep that in mind

Lets just hope this guy isn't here on TT.

BUY IT if its clean and runs.

To keep it simple....

These bikes run forever, and are unique machines. Grab it.

You won't be disappointed.

If its stock and plated- 4k is a good deal. (low miles)

If its got xtra goodies and really clean- 4300 is good.

If its stock and plated- 4k is a good deal. (low miles)

If its got xtra goodies and really clean- 4300 is good.

Just picked up a clean '01, plated, here in CO for $2100.........There are deals to be had...

Clean, - and clean, only 10 hours, with a Baja kit, plated, here in cal, are two different animals, from what I've been reading.

Thanks for the input you guys! I owe ya bigtime!Leonard

I have been seeing decent ones plated in CA for the mid to high $3k range. If its really good shape, get it. Take a look at cycletrader and the various craigslist.org postings for your area. You might find a clean one with more goodies like suspension (can cost you $500-800), pipe, bars, tank, skid plate, & stabilizer. The goodies add value obviously.

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