Race lights and problems

I have a XR 650r with a 200+ watt stator from Ricky Stator, which I run their dual 100wt piaa race lights. I also installed the heavy duty voltage regulator.

I took the race lights off last year after a night race and used the stock light a few times since. I'm ready to do some night riding so I install the race lights , but they don't come on. I lift up the seat and find some broken wires and they look burned as well. I also, notice the rubber protectors on the connections have some burned spots. I cut off some bad wire and hold the splice together and I have lights. I put on some connectors and use some heat shrink tubing and electrical tape to cover the connections. I start up the bike and everything is working great. I pack all the wires into the rubber wire housing and put the seat back on.

Last night, I'm prerunning and my lights go out after about 45 minutes of riding.Today I took off the seat and looked at the wires, and found them(light wires) melted with a lot of bare wire showing. I separated the wires so they were not touching each other and start the bike. I have lights again and I hold the connectors to the voltage regulator and they are hot, very hot and I have to drop them. I see a wire starting to smoke as well.

I take out all the fried wires and think I will put in some new wires and see what happens.

When I check the volts coming out of the 2 green wires from the stator there is no juice. My bike starts fine and runs fine there is just no juice in the light wires.

Sorry, for the long drama, but I wanted to be as detailed as possible. A couple questions I have.

If the voltage regulator went out, would it send more juice through the wires, enough to cause them to melt and expose bare wire, thus causing the shorts ?

Could the shorts from the lighting wires damage the stator ?

Of course Ricky Stator is closed on the weekends so I thought I could do some trouble shooting before Monday.

Thank you so Much,


Sounds like you are pushing too many amps through small wire. You are running 200 watts of light which works out to about 18 amps. That is too much for the 18 or 16 gauge wire that you might have. In a house a 20 amp circuit requires 12 gauge wire and a 15 amp circuit requires 14 gauge. The reason for the sizes is heat generation. The crimps on the connectors ore another problem spot. They have to be perfect to handle that much current. Jamming all the wires in the rubber boot concentrates the heat.

Having experienced sudden blackness at speed, I never wanted it to happen again. For reliability I wired my stator as two completely separate circuits. That way if one fails you still have the other lighting circuit. Each side needs a regulator. The other good point is the wimpy stock wiring can handle the current of a single stator winding.

No worries about shorting out the wires frying the stator. That is how the regulator works. When the voltage gets too high it shorts the stator out for the rest of that AC cycle.

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