Dear Moaber's

Hi Guys,

I really hope you are all having a wonderful time. May you enjoy your trip and may you all be safe.

Please, hoist a beer for me guys. I am there in heart, spirit and soul.


I'll second what Mitch said...

It looks like you have the weather for it so far, hope it stays nice for you.

I know a lot of planning went into this trip so have a great time you all deserve it!!

I'm home for good now (in New Mexico) from Iceland. Only about 8 hours away from Moab, but I couldnt justify leaving the family for a long weekend to Moab after being gone all year.

Hopefully this will be an annual event and I'll make it next year!!! :) Do a little roost for me will ya??


What where you doing in Iceland? I lived there for two years. Reykjavik, Akerari, and Kopavogur. Also spent a couple months in Keplavik. Gek Pad vel ad laera islensdsku? Vid heirumst!


Im in the US Air Force...I was stationed at Keflavik Naval Air Station. They have a small contingent of us Air Force folks stationed there as tenant units on the Naval Station.

I did a one year tour there without my family :) I must say Im certainly glad to be back home now. :D

Im curious...Why were you over there, and in so many different areas?? Are you from there?

I served a Mission there for the LDS church (Mormon)when I was 19-21 I love the people, language and even learned to love the windy landscape. I quess you can't help but love the ones you serve. That was the best time of my life. I even got to spend 4 months serving on the base. I remember waiting with great antisipation for that chance to have real american food, and play B-ball in the gym with some good old red white and blue boys. Icalanders aren't much fun in B-ball. Anyway, it's a small world! How many people have ever been to Iceland, and then meet up on the Net. Cool

Take care, let me know if you need anything.


Hey Vincent,

You need to look up a meat actuator you work with that goes by the nickname of tigger. He rides (a KLX 650, I think) pretty regularly and is a very laid back all-around good dude. If you see him, tell him Scott in Palmdale said hello. I hope to make it up to Sun Spot and do some riding there next spring. I'll keep you posted on how the schedule shakes out. Maybe we can hookup.




I missed you out there, Pal! My wife, Alisa, was very eager to see you on film (not the ADULT films you have starred in :)).

Next time out, you have to make it!

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