Does my 06 450X have a smog Pump?

Hey guys just got the 450X New last week. Ive upgraded from a 250X. Well with all the rain going on I decieded to do some mods on it this weekend. I am Openning up the air box, reJetting , pulled the baffle out of the exhaust. And I was looking to block off the Smog pump if I have one. Well I cant see any thing that looks like one. Any help to guide where to look or hopefully not have to look I Cause it doesn't have one !

Thanks, for any help.

What year is your bike? Mine was located on the right side of the engine, you can see the port coming out of the cylinder head. It kind of looks like an old smog vacuum smog pump (if you know what that is).

If it's not a california bike it might not have one.

It's a 2006 bought new in Missouri.

it probably doesnt have one.

if it does you would see a shiny hard line coming out of the left side of the engine. to a stupid looking dohicky with a big hose going to the air box.


Honda built this beauty and the afterthought people were given the smog pump job. Well they managed to put a god awful ugly mess on the side of that good looking Unicam engine. So it's obvious.

If you're still not sure then have the Rangers at the California parks fax you a copy of what they have posted (to look out for if it's missing).

Anyway, enjoy the new bike. I got out today after not riding for awhile and had a blast. I love that bike.


thanks, I don't have one of those hanging off the bike.


Agent to the rescue again.:thumbsup:

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