Blue looks a lot better used than Orange

I visited two KTM shops and one Yamaha shop this past weekend and made the observations that the silver plastic on KTM's looks real crappy when only slightly used. Also some pf the seatslooked like they were 30 years old when they were actually only 99 models. I have a 18 year old IT 250 that hasn't been particularly well taken care of and it looks better visually than all of the 97- 99 model KTM's that I saw. Has anyone else observed this or have I just ran across a particularly crappy looking bunch of Orange bikes?

I have 4 mates with KTM's, and they are all 2000 models, but you would think they are 95 models.


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Funny, my 2000 WR400 looked like it was about 10 years old after it was 6 months old. I had to put new plastic on it when I went to sell it just so it looked presentable. The blue plastic scratched and got white spots whenever I crashed. My KTM has 2 hare scrambles on it and several trail rides and looks better than my Yamaha did the day I brought it home. I have noticed that just about every post HGaither puts on this forum has something to do with KTMs being junk. Whats with that?


I’ll have to agree with Scotty. Blue is not a good color for dirt bike plastic. My brand new 426 looked well flogged after less than a month. I have all white plastic now. After a while it is hard to get it back to its original bright white, true, but my blue parts look like they’ve been partially eaten by the Mesquite, the scratches really show up. Plus whenever you toss it you get white streaks where the plastic bent, this doesn’t happen to the white plastic. Oh yeah, and my tank graphics came off after about 10 rides.

Personally, I really like the new KTMs. I agree that they are ugly, but so what? That brown stained opaque IMS tank and taller seat foam make my 426 pretty homely as well. At least with an MXC you get a tank that looks like it belongs on the bike (well, I guess we’ll see for sure when the RFS MXCs come out).

Who really gives a crap what they look like anyway? If it makes you go faster, buy it.

They are "DIRT"bikes!! Let me repeat,"DIRT"

bikes. EXPECT THEM TO GET "DIRTY"!!!! Get it???? Go ride the stupid things and have fun!! expect them to get "DIRTY"!!!!!!!!!! Get it?????"DIRT"bikes,"DIRT"bikes,"DIRT"bikes. :) Erik


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Erik? Just dirty?

As the riding in Moab shows, you forgot:


Ripped up,





turned upside down (note: Mike from Silicone Valley),


scraped down 10 foot of solid rock,

driven off cliffs,







etc. etc. etc.

This is one of the things that makes the WR such an awesome bike. It takes all this licking but keeps on ticking.


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