Bryan,... post more photos of Moab.

I need to see what I missed, the first batch of photos was great.Post more. I am sick with envy.

Actually I think we need the full story, who made it, with complete day to day action and where you rode, type terrain, etc. And dont leave out the good stuff, like horrible bone snapping crashes, beer induced madness, and who among the bunch rides like Evil Knievel.

Hey TOP,

We're dead! I can barely type today yet alone manage a camera full of images, etc.

Bryan is still out riding with Harold and Kevin. They stopped in Grand Junction for more trail riding.


Geese man give me a break!

Need food!

Need water!


I can barely stay awake.

In fact, as I was driving home with Kevin from Grand Junction today after our KICK ASS AWSOME DESERT SINGLE RIDE, only 30 minutes past Grand Junction I couldn't stay awake.

I pulled over and Kevin drove my truck for about 1.5 hours.

Isn't THAT pathetic!

What a blast though topped off by an increadible ride today.

I never thougt I could ride for 5 days straight though.

I do have some great pictures but it'll take a day or two to get them on TTalk. Maybe tomorrow?

We have lots of tails of great riding. But I think the Evil Kenival award has to go to Howard Huge (new name=Howard Normal since many guys are as big as him).

He was catching some wicked air over a gully at the end of Gemini Bridges and had everyone doing: Oooohhhhh, Aaaahhhhhhhh

He was even kicking it out and crossing it up. I have a great photo too (sorry for the tease).


Moab Picures are ready:

Stories to follow too. By the way, Did Howard or Mike tell everyone about their cabin check in experience? If not, Jake or myself might have to tell it and we might embelish a little.


[This message has been edited by Bryan (edited 10-11-2000).]

You never know what those boys from the Bay Area might be into.....


For an explanation of our check-in experience see the moab phone # post.

Great pics Bryan...

At the risk of sounding cliche, just doesnt get any better than that!! The shots of you guys on top of the mesa's with blue skies, scoots in the back ground, wow...awesome.

I wanna go next year!!! Lets start planning!! :)

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