easer clucth pull

I have a yz426 and I love the bike, however, my arm hurts from pulling in the clucth? How can I pull it in easer?

When I first joined the forum, I mentioned the part # for one of Yamaha's street bike clutch levers, I think it was from a Virago. The $7 part is simply about 25% longer than the YZ lever and gives you enough extra leverage so that my clutch feels like a light 250 pull. Made a huge difference for the price and all you have to do is slide the perch 3/4" inward.

Problem is that I can't find the part # or any way to search the old forum....Brian, can you help on this ?

I would love to buy an extra lever myself - and yes it would be a backup, the lever is tough enough to have lasted me 2 years. Granted I don't ride enough anymore, but its had enough meetings with Terra Firma to polish the black paint off the end and leave a few gouges in Mother Earth.

If I get the # I'll post it here.


My buddy just bought one of the 909 clutch perches and levers that claims to make clutch pull easier and it actually worked. This option is not as cheap as the $7 street bike lever but is cheaper than a hydraulic set up... Eric

get a magura juice clutch if you can afford it. you'll find that with the modern web sites that you can sell it used at a very reasonable price.

i sold all my bits for close to what i paid for them and it added up to £1,000. so think of it as a loan.


the after mkt company "fly" do an easy oull clutch leaver/pearch assembly which has 3 different positions for your cable all with different ratio's. they give good light action another thing to keep your cable pull nice and light is to lube them reguly it will improve cable life too

Go with the MSR it feels like butter. Smooth and easy. I think it is called the eliminator? 32$? Hell I don't know the name but IT WORKS! Shorter stiffer lever as well. Nice unit.


I have a 99 wr400 that the clutch pull was horrendous on, I have just installed a Venhill Featherlight Clutch cable and the difference is

incredible - now light two finger pull - highly


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